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ICloud installation into Outlook 365 isn't configured to have a default profile

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 12:07 PM

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While the original article does not say this, I have verified this tutorial does fix issues with Outlook 365


Many users are reporting problems configuring iCloud in Outlook on brand new computers. When they check the box for Mail, Contacts, Calendars they receive and error error message that there is no default profile.

The users typically have one profile, it’s set as the default, Outlook is set as the default. Everything should be working.



outlook 365 - default profile missing
iCloud and most addins will not work with the store version at this time. You need to install the click to run version from

nstalling the current version of Office from should remove the store version, but to insure it is removed, run these cmdlets:

Open PowerShell in run as admin mode then paste:

Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online | where-object {$_.packagename –like "*Outlook*"} | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online



Get-AppxPackage "*Outlook*" | Remove-AppxPackage

This will complete without errors and then we have to configure icloud installer to run under compatibility mode for windows 8


Setting up compatibility mode to win 8