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SparX - Enterprise Architect 11 - How to add legend into requirements view 04/09/2018
I cover how to add legend into Enterprise Architect (SparX)
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The Architecture of a Multi-Cloud Environment with Kubernetes 17/08/2018
Kubernetes is an orchestration platform that enables running distributed systems, which are designed with the philosophy of spreading wide to best prepare for outages. This is achieved by deploying your cloud applications at least across multiple hosts, and at best across multiple cloud vendors. Getting Kubernetes configured to run across multiple cloud environments, including on-premises, hybrid deployments, is a tricky undertaking. Hybrid deployments are a feature many organizations want to implement for a variety of reasons, including security over their data, reliability, and more.
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Parsing a XML document fails with Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1. 13/07/2018
A example how to parse xml document and avoid Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.
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Exporting resource group template 11/07/2018
The possible ways of exporting Azure template
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What is docker image layering in plain terms 02/07/2018
Describing in lame terms what layering is
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Publishing first docker image from MAC into docker.hub 25/06/2018
This little post is describing how to publish docker image to docker hub
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17/08/18 - splunk

09/07/18 - AWS Well-Architected

23/05/18 - appveyor build integration

23/05/18 - .NET Core has now build in resilient HttpClient support

18/05/18 - Cron Expression Descriptor